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Az ODROID H2/H3 Net Card 2 további 4 db 2,5 GbE Ethernet portot biztosít az alaplapi 2 port mellé így gyors, kicsi DIY routert építhetünk akár 6db 2,5 GbE portal (pl. Mikrotik Router OS-el)

- Kompatibilis a H2, H2 rev. B, H2+, H3, H3+ alaplapokkal
- H3, H3+ használatával összesen 6 x 2,5 GbE Ethernet portot kapunk
- a vezérlő chip az Intel I226-V, kiváló kompatibilitást biztosít Hyperviser-alapú virtuális gépekkel (pl. ESXi)


H3/H2 Net Card 2

The new Net Card 2 has the same physical form factor and interface method as the original Net Card, but the NIC chipset has changed from Realtek’s RTL8125B to Intel’s I226-V. There is no significant difference in network performance or driver functions, but it shows better compatibility with Hyperviser-based virtual machines such as ESXi.

The ODROID H2/H3 Net Card 2 brings 4 additional 2.5 GbE Ethernet ports for an incredible low price. It is compatible with the H2, H2 rev. B, H2+, H3, H3+. Using a H2+, H3, H3+ you end up with a total of 6 x 2.5 GbE Ethernet ports. With the H2 and H2 rev. B you get 2 x 1 GbE and 4 x 2.5 GbE Ethernet ports.

The ODROID H2/H2+/H3/H3+ with the Net Card2 brings new capabilities and applications.

  • Implementing a DIY router or gateway for up to 5 (H2+/H3/H3+) clients at 2.5 GbE speed on each port.
  • Setup a DIY server, e.g. a NAS, for up to 6 (H2+/H3/H3+) clients at 2.5 GbE speed on each port.
  • Brings 2.5 GbE Ethernet connectivity to the H2 and H2 rev. B boards making them able to talk at full speed (usually 2.35 Gbits/sec) with H2+/H3/H3+ boards.



Sending mode

Receiving mode


As shown above chart, the more executing iperf3 the more CPU usage like being step by step.
One to six ethernet ports are executed 30 seconds between them in order. Running 300 seconds for each client. so all six clients are running has done in 480 seconds.
The last port execution led CPU Usage to go up to 100% in Reverse mode. In this stage, the network throughput shows unstable to little down speeding at approximately 1.61 Gbits/sec to 2.01 Gbits/sec.


A H3(+) can therefore provide excellent support for parallel clients with enough remaining CPU resources to proceed with computation and disk IO.

In other words, the H3/H3+ NetCard v2 brings significant added value to a H3/H3+ based NAS or Router/Gateway solution where parallel clients can enjoy the full 2.5 GbE speed independently from each other.

All with a very low cost network card 


Warning: Have to flash GLK-ESF BIOS to use H3/H2 Net Card properly.

To get further information, please visit the H2/H3 Net Card wiki page.

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